About this workshop

By 2018, 69% of online traffic will be directed to video content. That statistic is a clear call to action, but most influencers are still uncertain about how to leverage video for growth. Is there a middle ground between low-quality, disappearing social clips and professionally edited video? Can you legally add music to videos for social media? When should you shoot video for your brand, and when is a photo best? And how are Gen-Zers, who grew up with phones capable of shooting video, different from previous generations in the way they use social media?

Join Jelena Woehr, Director of Community at Flipagram, for an interactive lunch-and-learn focused on strategies derived from Flipagram's first year-and-counting of building a video-only social network. Come ready to both listen and participate; walk away ready to launch, refine, or enhance your social media video strategy.


You'll need

  • A sack Lunch (We'll have beverages on hand)

  • Your iOS device with several photos and videos already on the camera roll

    • If you don't have an iOS device, you can use Android but won't have access to some app features mentioned in the talk

  • Yourself, ready and willing to be photographed & recorded on video (you're beautiful and worthy exactly as you are!)

  • Unlined paper and a pen

    • OPTIONAL: Any other favorite art supplies - the more the merrier, break open your creativity drawer!

  • OPTIONAL: One or more of the following: Pack of Skittles/M&Ms, marbles, popsicle sticks, or pipe cleaners 

For extra credit, come with the following apps already installed: Flipagram, Boomerang & Phhhoto.


  • Playbook for creating social video using only the time you already spend on your brand
  • Your Flipagram profile populated with your first three videos:
  • One fun personal lifestyle video (Beyoncé style!)
  • One creative stop-motion or "Reverse Burst" video
  • One brand/product showcase video
  • Understanding of how Gen-Z is shooting, editing, and sharing video
  • The power to quickly turn casual iPhone video into a beautiful or funny story every time you go out

About this instructor

Jelena and her team help millions of people unleash their creativity and meet an audience. Her mission is to transform social media from the world's largest debate into the world's largest storytelling circle. Prior to joining Flipagram, Jelena managed communities at GOOD and Yahoo. Outside of work, she spends most of her time training for the equestrian equivalent of an ultramarathon. Chat with Jelena and other interesting LA women on Slack: la-ladies.herokuapp.com

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