• Edge Studios (map)
  • 1388 South Longwood Avenue
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90019
  • United States

JIG+SAW’s three day workshop is for 200 creative and entrepreneurial women in Los Angeles. The event will create a simulation of what the future JIG+SAW will be, providing an intimate setting for women to flourish in business. The three days feature coworking, business services, networking, creation, workshops with women who are making a mark in your industry + so much more. This will also be the only time the public gets to experience what JIG+SAW has to offer the creative + entrepreneurial industries as JIG+SAW is a private membership community.

You are a woman of creativity with an entrepreneurial spirit. 
You are looking to create a space for yourself in this world + are seeking a community to be a part of. 
You are looking for answers that only peer-to-peer can respond to. 
You are powerful, courageous and bright. 
We can't wait to meet you.