• Hotel Figueroa (map)
  • 939 South Figueroa Street
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90015
  • United States

Personally, we love to celebrate. Which is why we are excited to present to you...... The AMPLIFY Celebrates event with your fellow fempreneurs, Bri + Thais. 

What are we celebrating, you may ask? YOU. The badass entrepreneur who works tirelessly to create something magnificent for the world {no one has to know that half the time you are not wearing pants}. 

In honor of Female Entrepreneur Day, we are putting together an extravagant affair at the Moroccan themed Hotel Figueroa {a classic Downtown LA hotel that will be undergoing a $30-million renovation just three days after our event!}. 

We have a not-so-secret crush on Hotel Figueroa, and we know by the end of the night you will too. We LOVE that the hotel was financed, built, and operated by and for femininity as an exclusive women's hostelry. Because when it comes to YOU, we like going big, and making sure you feel loved by your radically empowered community of women in Los Angeles.

So, put on those sexy heals you haven’t worn in a while, bring your always-supporting-your-crazy-ideas partner and let’s make this an event to remember {but remember to dress warm because we'll be in a private open air bar area}.

The important details:

  • who: Women entrepreneurs doing it up big {and their sexy dates}
  • what: A celebration of our 3am launches, eating over the sink because you work from home, pajama days, and trying to stay sane in the process
  • where: Hotel Figueroa, 939 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • when: Nov 19th, 700pm-930pm 

Valet parking on site, Lot parking available in the vicinity

*NOTE: Because of the intimate nature of AND the overwhelming demand for this event, there are no refunds available. If you cannot attend after purchasing your ticket, you forfeit your seat at the table. Unfortunately, because all AMPLIFY events sell out so quickly, we are unable to forward your ticket to another date.