Building a Tribe Around Your Brand

By: Kendra Hardy

I can't be the only one who thinks some brands may know me better than I know myself. Their new products are always something I didn't even know I needed but, on sight I can't imagine life without the latest name-brand thing. Working at Worthy Women I've gotten to meet plenty of hot-shots at big brands and they let me know how brands build that bond with their peeps. 


1. Be authentic. Nobody is trying to hang out with someone who’s pretending to be someone they’re not. When it comes to growing your brand, keep it as real as possible. You don’t want to always be scrambling to fit other people’s point of view or to get their attention. This isn’t high school, originality is encouraged.


2. Perception is reality. Even if what you’re doing didn’t turn out as ballin’ as you wanted, when it comes to social media it better look POPPIN’. More people will be attracted to your vision and this will give you time to fix your errors for the next time.

3. Use your audience. Don’t build your dream business, get the following, and do nothing with it. Make sure you’re listening to your tribe, after all they are a built in focus group. They'll let you know what they're feeling and what ain't right. 

4. Lastly, surround yourself with real ones. You can’t be everything to everyone - choose what you want to be and who you want to listen to, then do just that! If your tribe is real, they’ll be loyal and stick around. Don’t waste your time trying to please the “brand”-wagon fans. No fake love.


Kendra is an advertising major fresh out of Michigan State. She came to Worthy Women as an intern and has transitioned fabulously into working on the back end of all our social campaigns. She's a dual expert in Canva and Illustrator! And she's a master of Snapchat filters and Instagram taglines.

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