Our imagery for #BrownGirlsRising was an entree at the Miss Representation art show in November of 2016. This was the first art show In LA that was curated by Women of Color (WOC), staring WOC, with the subjects of the art also being WOC. Photographer Erin Rivera, felt the need to act after the election stating: "I felt the need to photograph my family and friends to show not only their beautiful shades of brown, but the eyes of women who were born of strong willed immigrants." The print "UNIDOS" was added to the series as a nostalgic sign of unity and family. As stated by Rivera: "growing up in a chicano area, this type of hand shake was seen daily. In my photographs, my cousins and uncles would crouch down and grab their hands together in this strong handshake." This print represents not only the culture of the artist, but the unity and beauty of women of color.

Unidos 1.png

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Erin Rivera is a photographer, videographer, and co-founder of visual storytelling agency Hunter & Fox. She works alongside her partner in crime: Frankie Pimentel in Downey, CA. Together they collaborate with local creatives and brands to help visually cultivate stories. In her free time, she uses her creative powers to create things that support women and are reminiscent of her Latina culture. She has produced pins, illustrations and photography. For more about her work, follow her on Instagram: @eatherbrains