November 4-6th, 2016

Downtown LA


The first annual Worthy Women Conference spanning 3 days in Downtown LA. 


#WomenOfWorth Gala


Join us for our inaugural awards ceremony honoring 100 select #WomenOfWorth who exemplify what it means to lead and live in integrity. We'll be hosting a formal pink carpet reception followed by a multi course dinner during the awards ceremony. Master of Ceremonies for the evening: Jaclyn Mullen


Conference + After Party


Learn from the worthiest of them all. This all day conference will host keynotes, panels, & fireside chats (breakfast, lunch & snacks included) from 9:30am-4pm. Following the event, grab your swag bags and come toast with us during the After Party at the Spin Standard from 4:30-7:30pm hosted by JoyMode!


Brunch & Learn


Sip mimosas over brunch with special guest Amber Rose and founder Audrey Bellis! Learn how to take a #NoFucksGiven Approach to Dominating Your Digital Space. Followed by one hour workshop led by purpose finding extraordinaire: Baily Hancock on how to unapologetically #LiveOutLoud.


The Conference Line Up

Saturday, November 5th || 9:30AM -4:00PM

Cross Campus DTLA, 800 Wilshire, Los Angeles

After Party: 4:30PM -7:30PM 

The Spin Standard, 550 S Flower, Los Angeles

Opening Remarks

Audrey Bellis



#WorthyLeadership: What it means to lead as #WomenOfWorth

10:35am - 10:45am

Monica Marquez2 SS Photo.png

Monica Marquez

Global Client Advisory Lead, Googler Diversity & Inclusion Lab


Getting Paid Is A Forte: The Art of Guerrilla Entrepreneurship 

Fireside Chat moderated by Audrey Bellis

Feel like you’ve been working forever and you’re not where you want to be? Still not sure what it takes to create a job for yourself? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get your money right? Sometimes it takes getting down to the nitty-gritty to make your business soar. Join Natalia Durazo, founder of Honey B Gold, and TV Host Alicia Malone to talk about how they found their niche and fought hard to make their dream job their real job!

10:50am - 11:15am


Natalia Durazo

Founder, Honey B Gold

Alicia Malone SS Photo.png

Alicia Malone

TV Host, Film Reporter


Creating a Counter Culture: How Brands Drive Movements

Panel moderated by Lizzy Okoro

We all know those Brands that have found a way to become a part of a much larger societal conversation. They forge a strong relationship with their audience and motivate them to question and grow. that they could drive movements. We know you’re thinking - how do I get my brand on the level? Join Sabine Quetant, the director of marketing at Blavity; Hannah Rosen, digital marketing coordinator of Krochet Kids; Greta McAnany, Co-Founder of X-Factor Films; and Mariela Rosario, creator of Guerilla Mama to chat about how their brands plant the seeds for change.

11:30am - 12:15pm

Sabine Quetant

Director of Marketing, Blavity

Hannah Rosen

 Digital Marketing Coordinator, Krochet Kids

Greta McAnany

Co-Founder, X-Factor Films

Mariela Rosario



Group Led Meditation


Perla Del Rio SS Photo (1).png

Perla Del Rio

Founder, Sol y Luna Wellness



12:45pm - 12:55pm


Kara Sax

CEO, The Sax Agency


Don't Believe The Hype: Entrepreneurship Unfiltered

Fireside Chat, moderated by Georgii Speakman

We all have this idea of what being an entrepreneur looks like. The journey and the outcome looks different for everyone, but what does entrepreneurship really look like without the curated pictures and filters? How do you stay true to your mission and still balance your life and your brand? Freya Estreller, founder of Ludlows and co-founder of Coolhaus, and Natasha Case, Founder of Coolhaus are going to talk to us about how they started Coolhaus together and how they went their own ways so Freya could start Ludlows. 

1:00pm - 1:30pm


Natasha Case

Founder, Coolhaus

Freya Estreller

Founder, Ludlows


The Next Chapter: Knowing When To Walk Away

Panel, moderated by Cristina Quitania

Someone with an entrepreneurial heart will always fantasize about making their side hustle their main hustle. But how do you know when to walk away from your main job and focus completely on your dreams? Join Saren Stiegel, the Founder of the Glow Effect; Jennifer Rodriguez, Founder of Miss California Latina; Michelle Edgar, Founder of The XX Project; Melinda Travis, CEO of Pro Sports Communication for a frank conversation about knowing when to begin your new path.


Saren Stiegel

CEO, The Glow Effect

Jennifer Rodriguez

Founder, Miss CA Latina

Michelle Edgar

Founder, XX Project

Melinda Travis

CEO, PRO Sports Comm



2:25 - 2:35


Renata Simril

CEO of LA84 Foundation


How to Move Product With Social Media

Panel, moderated by Michelle O'Grady

With brick and mortar storefronts becoming a thing of that past, creating that sales funnel goes hand in hand with a rockin’ social media presence. But the real question on everyone’s mind is: how do you turn likes into dollars? Join Jennifer Puno of people map; Chanelle Laurence of Valley High; Jennie Yoon of Casetify; and Kimmie Shabtai of FabFitFun for a conversation about practices and strategy that can help you move that product!


Chanelle Laurence

Co-Founder, Valley High

Jennifer Puno

Founder, People Map

Jennie Yoon

Dir. of Biz Dev, Casetify

Kimmie Shabtai

 Cust. Specialist, FabFitFun


What's In it For Me? Structuring Winning Deals

Fireside Chat, moderated by Lindsey Heisser


3:30pm - 3:50pm


Mary Vallarta

Co-Founder, Fab Counsel

Patty Rodriguez

Co-Founder, Lil' Libros



Join the founders of IN GOOD CO. for How to Define Your Purpose and Move Your Bottom Line.

Chris Danton SS Photo.png

Chris Danton

Head of Creative Strategy 

Kirsten Ludwig SS Photo.png

Kirsten Ludwig

President + Founder 


Join Stasha Washburn for How to Use Your Cycle to Run Your Business!

She will be teaching how to time your flow with maximizing your productivity!


Stasha Washburn

The Period Coach