What It Means To Be A "Brown Girl" with NYLON en Español Editor In Chief, Marty Preciado

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Marty is currently serving as Editor In Cheif for NYLON Español Media. Research and writing focuses on transcultural exchange of politics and gender, with an emphasis on music, arts and culture. Additionally, has lead editorial teams and launched team projects in Madrid, Washington D.C, Mexico City and currently in Los Angeles. Published: VICE, NYLON Español, Remezcla, Rookie, Noisey. Featured: NPR, NBC, Univisión. 

Brown Girls Rising is a partnership with Nylon Espanol to elevate the conversation of feminist action, leadership, community involvement, and culture. In our inaugural episode, we sit down with Editor In Chief of Nylon En Espanol, Marty Preciado to explore her feminist experiences.

"We’re in a society where we’re constantly looking up to role models without thinking you can also be one." - Marty Preciado

In this interview she recalls racial injustices during the ICE Raids in the 90s. We also chat about how blue hair and The Spice girls ignited the feminist within her:

"I grew up listening to punk music and first arose to girl power, thanks to the Spice Girls, without knowing that the Spice Girls was a movement created by a white group here in the United States. So while I was listening to punk music and had blue hair, I felt rebellious until I understood that where I was hanging out was void of women. No women, period."

Marty also talks about how intersectional feminism and her personal role models lead her to work at Nylon Espanol today:

"I went to school for law and political science, that was my goal., until I realized that I was could  make a change through culture and not just through the law. I wanted to make a change through the everyday incidents, through life, through music, through literature, through entertainment and try to find the representation of people of our community into the spaces that are needed."

Audrey and Yvette candidly chat about coming into their own forms of feminism,  the stigma attached with that particular F-word, how they’re always adjusting and relearning the definition of it.  

“If one person isn't free, none of us are free." - Yvette Montoya

This episode, can be found at BrownGirlsRising.com or on iTunes & Soundcloud.

This episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA.