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Greta McAnany

Co-founder of X-Factor Films

Greta McAnany is an award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur. A proud graduate of the University of Southern California, she began her career in film by starting a production company and producing the feature film Bite Size. It released on TV, digital platforms like Netflix and was also featured on Katie Couric’s “Obesity Awareness” special on ABC. After experiencing first-hand the gender bias that female filmmakers in Hollywood face, Greta co-founded X-Factor Films, a ‘Netflix’ for millennial female content that doubles as a space for fans and creators to engage. Additionally, Greta is producing another documentary about the global sanitation crisis with Kohler Company entitled Flush Revolution. Beyond her work in film she has produced award-winning live newscasts and reported as a theatre critic for LA Stage Times, where she interviewed Oscar and Tony-winning writers, directors, and actors. She is also committed to creating opportunities for kids by sitting on the young professional’s board of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s organization After School All-Stars. Greta is dedicated to empowering young women through media and is addicted to musical theatre and nachos.

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