Jaclyn Mullen

Entrepreneur & Consultant

Nearly six years ago, Jaclyn Mullen started her initial consulting business, Jaclyn Mullen Media, with just a website, small cash cushion, 1 client and lots of hustle muscle. A performing artist turned accidental entrepreneur, Jaclyn was searching for a combination of professional fulfillment, uncapped earning potential and location independence and bootstrapping was the only way she could start. Investing in herself (without going broke or into debt) paid off! Jaclyn has gone on to work with authors, small business owners, marketing agencies and brands such as Ecco Domani Wine, Habitat for Humanity Greater Los Angeles and General Assembly. She has also participated in several entrepreneur programs to help her along the way, from SMARTY's Incubator to Step Up Women's Network Professional Mentorship Program to the Tory Burch Foundation Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program in 2014. Her biggest passion is paying it forward and sharing the wealth of knowledge she's acquired with emerging female entrepreneurs, established female entrepreneurs and professional women looking to make the leap into entrepreneurship too. 

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