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Jessica Naziri

Tech Expert + Founder of TechSesh

Jessica is a LA based on-air tech expert, writer and speaker. She founded TechSesh, creating a brand and blog aimed at empowering, educating and entertaining the modern woman through technology. Jessica is curating a space for digitally savvy young women to explore and celebrate the Internet through social media, tech life hacks and interviews with inspirational women in tech. Her goal is to make technology news more accessible and bite-sized, sans the confusing or overwhelming jargon often found in mainstream media’s tech coverage. 

She's turned her passion for technology and writing into a career covering technology and business, starting as a tech news reporter for The Los Angeles Times, CNN and Since then, her work has also appeared in TechCrunch,The Washington Post, Mashable, CBS, The Travel Channel, CNN, NPR, USA Today, Inside Edition, Yahoo!, and Business Insider, among others.

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