Joanna Waterfall 

Founder of Waterfall Creative

Artist Joanna Waterfall is motivated by helping people find inspiration in their daily lives. She founded Waterfall Creative design studio to help entrepreneurs to create visual branding for their dream businesses, and she developed the Yellow Conference to bring together women from around the world in a gathering to connect with world-changing creatives who are “kicking booty and spreading good.” Through the annual conference and smaller monthly “Bloom Gatherings”, Joanna aims to help women tune into what makes their hearts beat faster and find a way to use their unique gifts to spread goodness all over the world. Equal parts inspiration and practical advice, the roster of speakers for this year’s August conference will include branding and creative experts and a who’s who of leaders who are already out there making a difference in both the non-profit (charity:water) and for-profit (Sseko Designs) arenas. Joanna lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two crazy cats named Pickles and Mochi.

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