Natalia Durazo

Founder & Co-Founder

Before Natalia Durazo was etching her life's motto through bold plastic pendants with sassy punch lines, she was just an artistic girl that loved to dabble in music and photography. She "accidentally" became a fashion designer when she got a random idea to hand paint album art (Dilla-Donuts) on an old pair of blank earrings. She wore them to shows/events and eventually got hired to customize accessories for other people. Recently, Honey B Gold's fashion accessory line was picked up and is now featured on, a milestone in Durazo's career as a fashion designer. To this accomplishment she playfully quips, "Mama, I made it."

Honey B Gold is an accessory line offering accessories and jewelry pieces for fashion-forward women. The fly girls who embody streetwear are what founder Natalia Durazo considers the inspiration for Honey B Gold's audacious charm. A Honey B Gold girl doesn't dress inside the box; instead, she climbs on top of it so that everyone can get a full-length view of her stunning outfit. The team at Honey B Gold believes that fashion is not just about the particular woman donning the accessory, but more so the attitude she wears it with. Honey B Gold accessories are bold, unapologetic statement pieces that carry with them a rebellious and carefree attitude.

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