Brittany Dixon

Founder of CurlTalk

With a day job in marketing, background in photography and co-owner of her own lifestyle brand, Brittany Dixon can now add CurlTalks to her list of “passions in pursuit.” Growing up, she had no clue what her hair really looked like. Having had her hair chemically straightened at a young age, left her completely clueless as to the natural curl she actually had, until she made the decision herself to stop chemically straightening her hair. It wasn’t until adulthood that Brittany discovered her natural curls which ultimately led to her increased interest in the natural hair community and the vision for CurlTalks.

Recently launched, CurlTalks is an in-person monthly speaker series that aims to hear - first hand - from those who have made a positive impact in the curl community as they share their personal stories, curl journeys and talk about how they have embraced their curl and how it has influenced, affected and impacted them along the way.

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