Tribe: How To Find Your People and Build a Movement 10 . 19 . 2016

We talked to Victoria Reese, Brittany Dixon, Flavia Sparacino, and Monica Fernandez about the most important of your business - finding your audience. 



How to Turn Your Side Hustle into Your Main Hustle 09 . 21 . 16

We talked to Natalie James, Kacie Anderson, Chrystina Woody-Train, & Ramona Ortega about how they made they turned their passion into a full time job.


How To Scale Your Audience With Branded Partnerships 08 . 17 . 16

We talked to Lizzy Okoro, Tam Vo, Sarah Boyd, and Dyan Dolfi-Offutt about how to grow your audience by partnering with other brands. We also celebrated our one year anniversary! 


How to Master the Art of Unpaid Promotion 07 . 20 . 16

We talked to Jennifer Berson, Jaclyn Giuliano, Joanna Waterfall, and Chelsea Sonsken about the art of authentically telling your brand story & how to land major PR when you don't have a PR team behind you. 


How to Turn Your Connections into Money 06 . 15 . 16

We talked to Alex Micheal May, Jennie Yoon, & Brittany Peirce about working our connections, making big asks, & how to turn our network into cold hard cash.


How to Build a Brand With a Cult Following 05 . 18 . 16

We talked to Claire Marshall, Ashley Torres, Jennifer Hacker & Claire Collins about authenticity, magic sauce, & how to create a strong connection with a niche audience.


How to Navigate the World of Investors 04 . 20 . 16

We talked to Jennie Wong, Angel Anderson, Laura Azzalina, & Adrianna Hererra about choosing the right investor, self care, & how to get your startup ready for acquisition.


How to Build a Biz That's an Extension of Your Personality 03. 16. 16

We talked to Jaclyn Johnson, Natalia Durazo, Natasha Case, & Amy Roiland about how they inject themselves into their businesses & how we can do it too.


How to Bootstrap Without Going Broke 02 . 17 . 16

We talked to Lindsey Heisser, Jaclyn Mullen, Erin Rivera, & Renee Cohen about managing money, building a business solo, & how they turned their passion projects into the real deal.


Worthy Women & Mentors 12 . 09 . 15

We talked to Nellie Akalp, Sacha Simmons, & Catherine Lyons about picking the right mentor, creating a roadmap to your goals & how to make yourself mentorable.


Worthy Women & Dating 11 . 18 . 15

We talked to Anne Hodder, Eve Peters, Erin Tillman, & Dr. Rhonda Richards-Smith about the science of love, being vulnerable, & mixing entrepreneurship with dating.


Worthy Women & Fertility 11 . 04 . 15

We talked to Stasha Washburn, Maya Grobel, & Bree Seeley about how they handle their own reproductive health, getting pregnant, & "having it all."


Worthy Women & Wardrobe 10 . 21 . 15

We talked to Sandra Cardona, Stefanie Nissen, Vanessa Stofenmacher, & Emily McDonald about minimalism, dressing the part, & how your wardrobe can be an extension of your business.


Worthy Women & Wellness 10 . 07 . 15

We talked to Katie Horwich, Ellen Huerta, Jamila Sozahdah, & Alexis Mendez about taking care of your emotional health, entrepreneur exhaustion, & maintaining a sound mind/body/soul on a busy schedule. 


Worthy Women & Partnerships 09 . 23 . 15

We talked to Lizzy Okoro, Liliana Monge, Jennifer Fairfield, & Diane Lindquist about working with your best friend, finding a co-founder, & how to find a partership that will stand the test of time.


Worthy Women & Finance 08 . 26 . 15

We talked to Jennifer Puno, Jennie Wong, Chantel Le Bonneau, & Vivian Afriyie about tax breaks, how to finance your freelancing, & staying on top of your money when starting your business.