All Things Body Image with Founder + Director, Gloria Lucas 


Gloria is the founder and director of Nalgona Positivity Pride a xicana-indigenous body-positive project that focuses on eating disorders awareness and cultural affirmation. She is a frequent lecturer across the country covering topics such as the connection of historical trauma and disordered eating. Some of the locations Gloria has lectured at are the University of California, Los Angeles, University of Michigan School of Social Work, and the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) Conference. Gloria’s work has been featured at the Huffington Post, Univision, Bitch Magazine, and The Body is not an Apology. She lives in Los Angeles, CA where she lives with her 2 cats and boyfriend.

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"We should be able to celebrate ourselves and honor our bodies" - Gloria Lucas

In this episode we chat with Nalgona Positivity Pride Founder, Gloria Lucas, to talk about body positivity. Gloria talks about creating awareness and how all body shapes and sizes are beautiful.

"Mass production of what beauty is and how we “should” look, isn’t really how our bodies are meant to look. We should celebrate ourselves and honor our bodies."

Gloria goes on to talk about how everyone is in a different stage of body acceptance and how their can be a double standard between our bodies and food.

"We need to encourage one another as women. Everyone is on their own journey and you may not realize it. We’re all learning and in opportunities of hate, I get to learn the most."

Audrey and Yvette talk about the body shame they felt growing up, their relationship with food, and how they stay body positive now.

"Body positivity is creating a community where people can fall in love with themselves." - Gloria Lucas

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This episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA.