When It Comes to Activism, Age Ain't Nothing but a Number with Marina Preciado


Marina Preciado is 17 years old. She uses social media to inform, educate, and empower people — especially youth — about current events and social issues. As a proud Chicana and lover of humanity, she hopes to pursue a career in the education or judicial system in order to educate others and promote diversity.

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“I’ve realized that being brown doesn’t make me stand out in a bad way, if anything it makes me stand out in a good way!” - Marina Preciado

In this episode, we chat with MTV contributor,  Marina Preciado about being socially aware at a young age. In this interview, Marina talks about coming into her own and accepting the “brown girl” that she is.

“I used to tell my friends that I didn’t want to go out in the sun because, I didn’t want to be darker. I didn’t want to tan! I would even tell my friends that I didn’t speak spanish even though, I fluently speak spanish!”

Marina also talks about her current experience as a brown girl at primarily white high school. She replays how her and her friends organized a school walk out in light of the election.

“It was really ironic, because we had just learned about our right to protest! Then we did a protest at school - all morning we were researching our rights and making little booklets! I don’t want to say it was fun but, it was very interesting.”

Audrey and Yvette compare and relive their 2000 high school experience to Marina’s current situation.

To keep up with Marina, head to: Twitter, MTV, Latinx4Change.

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This episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA.