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Joy Riley, as the Founder of Love Jays + Married Millennials Podcast, loves love. Although she is passionate about relationships, she is most interested in the relationship we all share with ourselves. When she's not asking any and everybody what makes their soul tick, this former dancer can often be found on her sofa reading a good book with her feet propped up on her husband's lap, while snuggling with their two dogs.

Brown Girls Rising is a partnership with Nylon Espanol to elevate the conversation of feminist action, leadership, community involvement, and culture.

"If you don’t recognize your value, no one else is going to see it. And if you do recognize you’re less likely to allow someone in your life who doesn’t." - Joy Riley

In this episode, we chat with Married Millennials Podcast Host, Joy Riley about the importance of relationships. Joy talks about how the relationship you have with yourself is most important and a foundation for what you accept in other relationships.

 “If you feel like to be in a relationship you can be the best version of yourself or the best you - you shouldn’t be in that relationship! You don’t need to live for somebody, with somebody, just alongside somebody”

 Joy also sheds light on her experience with white guilt and her feelings on diversity.

 “Diversity shouldn’t be the issue [anymore]. We don’t all have to be the same. We just need to bring it to the table, address it, and move on. Not harp on it.”

 Audrey talks about how she believes the relationship you have with other people is the direct result of the relationship you have with yourself and why it’s so important to remedy that relationship first.

"Sometimes you are the victim of society, but you cannot let that define you. " - Joy Riley

 This episode, Brown Girls Rising Episode 17, can be found at or on iTunes.

 This episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA.