Reality TV and Representation with Casting Director Tiffany Dejillo


Tiffany Dejillo was raised East San Jose, CA, a diverse working-class suburb in the Silicon Valley.  As a Gen-Xer from a close-knit family of Filipino immigrants, she grew up with Riot Grrrl ideals, gangsta rap, and Bay Area pride.  Now, Tiffany is a Reality TV veteran with over 15 years of production and casting experience, and cites the joy of changing people's lives for the better as her personal mission.

Brown Girls Rising is a partnership with Nylon Espanol to elevate the conversation of feminist action, leadership, community involvement, and culture.

"I look up to all women who are unapologetic in their opinions" - Tiffany Dejillo

In this episode, we chat with Reality TV Casting Director, Tiffany Dejillo about breaking through the glass ceiling to get what you deserve. In this interview, Tiffany talks about how she didn’t suffer from “otherness” until she got older.

“I noticed it was a little harder for me being a woman, being brown, being small. I was these things all along but, I had no idea.”

Tiffany goes on to talk about being called a “feminazi” and how that offended her but, being labeled as a feminist never has.

“Why is feminism that still needs to be around? Why haven’t we surpassed that? It’s really uncomfortable to know we haven’t”

Audrey talks about the importance of representation of brown girls on tv and how people use that to identify themselves and others.

“I think it’s so important as women to be leaders that drive the community” - Audrey Bellis

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This episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA.