Swag, Swag, Swag with Swaje Founder, Imani Quinn

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Imani Quinn founded and launched SWAJE June 25, 2016 and began building the company a year prior. Imani is a creative who has taught dance through the Los Angeles school district for the past 4 years before leaving to pursue her company full-time. SWAJE is a multicultural lifestyle brand that is focused on creating multicultural awareness through textile design as well as female empowerment through Goddess’ That Give; a platform of SWAJE meant to give back by mentoring young girls from underprivileged communities. Imani is an artist and social activist first and foremost who uses SWAJE as well as her dance workshops and Women Soul Circles as a tool in building community, engaging in social activism and elevating the consciousness of our community at large. 

Brown Girls Rising is a partnership with Nylon Espanol to elevate the conversation of feminist action, leadership, community involvement, and culture.

"Self awareness is so important. You might not be able to change habits over night, but have the awareness to notice them." - Imani Quinn

In this episode, we chat with Swaje Founder, Imani Quinn talks about growing up in a primarily white school. In this interview, Imani retells her first racist experience and how she dealt with it.

“You can feel things, but you don’t know how to conceptualize them if you don’t have a language for it.”

Imani also talks about the importance of self awareness and why she believes many people are born with a sense of privilege, not just white people.

“It’s so easy to play the victim, but when you have self awareness it’s less about pointing fingers and more about understanding yourself.”

Audrey talks about learning to trust the process, religion, and Master P’s “Them Jeans”.

"Decide what you want and the universe will flow that in." - Imani Quinn

This episode, Brown Girls Rising Episode 26, can be found at BrownGirlsRising.com or on iTunes.

This episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA.