Sex, Sanity, and Self Love with Sex Educator Anne Hodder 


Anne Hodder is a journalist, SFSI-certified sex educator and marketing executive whose work focuses on sex, relationships and the business of pleasure. With a fun and friendly approach, Hodder provides clear, accurate and unbiased sexuality information to help clients of all kinds heal, grow and move forward in a safe and permissive environment.


Women of Worth is a podcast where Worthy Women founder, Audrey Bellis explores what it means to live and lead in integrity with women who exemplify it through their business, leadership, and community activism.

"How do we manage experiences without letting them completely define how we interact in the world?" - Anne Hodder

 In this episode Audrey sits down with multi-certified sex educator, Anne Hodder to talk about their first relationship with intimacy and sex. Anne discusses the different obstacles she faces as a feminist with certain clients.  

 “A lot of men are wondering what women really do want? And what it’s like to get down with a feminist? I help people hate themselves less and hate other people less.”

 Anne goes on to talk about growing up and how she was raised to view sex and her body. She talks about how she had to get to know herself and love every bit of it.

 “The more frequently you look at yourself in the mirror in the eye and say positive things, it trains your brain to believe them. [When I was younger] I genuinely believed there was one body and one look and you just work your way to get there.”

 Audrey also talks about the relationship she had with sex growing up and how she’s adjusted her views on what she’s comfortable with as she’s grown up.

"Everything great is a constant process" - Anne Hodder

The episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles. 

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