Diversity, Dancing, + Destinations with Rhythm Abroad's Brittany Pierce


Brittany Pierce is spearheading diversity in travel television programming. She is the Creator, Executive Producer and Host of Rhythm Abroad with Brittany Pierce, the award-winning travel series airing nationally on PBS and other public television stations. In Rhythm Abroad Brittany takes viewers on a cultural odyssey as she travels the world experiencing the fun and challenges of learning the traditional or popular dance of each country visited. Off the dance floor, Brittany talks to local musicians to gain a better understanding of a culture through its music. She also savors the cuisine, enjoys the thrills of local activities and uncovers the most unique places to stay and shop. Wherever Brittany is in the world, she finds dance and music to be the universal languages that bridge cultural divides and unite humanity.

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Women of Worth is a podcast where Worthy Women founder, Audrey Bellis explores what it means to live and lead in integrity with women who exemplify it through their business, leadership, and community activism.

"Travel opens you up to new ways of living, new ways of the world. It allows you to see that at our core, we’re all the same." - Brittany Pierce

In this episode, Audrey sits down with creator of Rhythm Abroad, Brittany Pierce, about having a business that’s an extension of your personality. Brittany goes on to talk about how she made her own path despite many obstacles.

“I thought, ‘gosh is there really no space for me?’ I know there are other people my age that are traveling and want to explore... why do we have no space?”

Even though Brittany travels the world, she talks about how fear is the most foreign word of all to her.

“We can be fearful of a lot of things, I think the moment you allow fear to creep into your life it prevents you from moving forward. I’m going to live my life as if there is going to be another tomorrow.”

Audrey talks about her travels and seeking a community that encourages diversity + inclusion.

"The moment you allow fear to creep into your life, it prevents you from moving forward." - Brittany Pierce

The episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles. 

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