All The Feminism + Feels with Illustrator, Mary Purdie


Mary is an emerging illustrator based in Los Angeles. As a feminist artist, she is constantly shaping her voice and message, with her main goal being to always inspire, empower, and connect to her audience. She uses her experience as a woman, often taking from moments in pop culture and current events, and merges these ideas to create powerful imagery that hopefully makes you feel something.

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Women of Worth is a podcast where Worthy Women founder, Audrey Bellis explores what it means to live and lead in integrity with women who exemplify it through their business, leadership, and community activism.

"I hope my art makes people feel something" - Mary Purdie

In this episode, Audrey chats with illustrator, Mary Purdie about their mutual love for sassiness and feminism. Mary goes on to talk about her viral artwork that she posted during the Immigrant Ban Protests.

“I hope my art makes people feel something. I was thinking, ‘How can I create something from my home?" because, I couldn't be at the airports protesting. I was expecting a couple likes and comments but, not the reaction I received.”

As an avid fan, Audrey asks Mary about her confidence and how she communicates that through her artwork.

“After paying for an expensive art school, I didn’t find a job right away. It took a lot to rebuild my confidence. I let one stupid event dictate my confidence and abilities for like a decade.”

Throughout the episode, Audrey encourages listeners to do a 100 Day Challenge, be authentically them, and not to walk on eggshells when it comes to taking a stand.

The episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles. 

Women of Worth is a product of Worthy Women and produced by AG One Entertainment.