Coffee and Culture with Beans & Bars founder, Ashlee Turner

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Ashlee Lena Turner, founder of Beans & Bars, a hip hop coffee shop, has married two of her greatest interests and passions into a unique perspective of what the coffee industry is missing. In a city where urban coffee shops can be found on almost every corner, Ashlee Lena has anxiously watched as coffee shops have managed to become mere replicas of one another. Various brews of coffee are plentiful but an urban cultural experience for the coffee and ambience connoisseur is absent. It has since been her dream to create Beans & Bars, a coffee shop that serves a variety of robust blends of coffee alongside an urban, tranquil, hiphop cultural experience.

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"I have appreciation for any music that is in that hustle period" - Ashlee Turner

In this episode, we chat with Beans & Bars, Founder, Ashlee Turner about the importance of hip hop. In this interview, Ashlee talks about making her passion for coffee and music and making that her profession.

“What’s more universal is music? And another universal thing is coffee so I think what you should do what you love and make it your business.”

Ashlee also talks about the effects of the election and how she’s still reeling from it.

“I don’t want to see dreamers being deported. Even thinking about the election takes me back for a minute.”

Audrey talks about her love for hip hop music and how she wishes all her Instagram captions started with Drake lyric.

"Do what you love and make it your business" - Ashlee Turner

This episode, Brown Girls Rising Episode 23, can be found at, SoundCloud, or on iTunes.

This episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA.