Knowing Your Heritage with Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship founder, Rediate Tekeste

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Rediate is a first-generation Ethiopian-American and founder of Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship and co-founder of Integrate Africa.  Rediate started both organizations to build bridges between cultures, people, and ideas. She has 10+ years of experience consulting and working for social action organizations including the Clinton Initiative, America Reads Program, World Vision Ethiopia as a journalist and then Selam Children’s Village. Rediate discovered her passion for social impact media while working as an international Field Producer for Girl Rising. She received her B.A in Intercultural Communications at Arizona State University and her Master of Communication Management degree at University of Southern California.

Brown Girls Rising is a partnership with Nylon Espanol to elevate the conversation of feminist action, leadership, community involvement, and culture.

"You are not only what you think you are but what other’s view you as" - Rediate Tekeste

In this episode, we chat with Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship, founder Rediate Tekeste about the importance of knowing your culture. As an Ethiopian-American, she talks about why it’s not a weakness to be multicultural.

“We need to be empowered by being both cultures. What’s powerful about you being both? What’s powerful is that you can relate to other people even though you’re not exactly like them”

Rediate goes on to talk about tradition and story-telling and why that’s an avid part of her business.

“If we’re not capturing these stories, we’re losing them. The only way you can take your power back is if you’re telling your own story.”

Audrey talks about her interracial, interfaith home and why she thinks that’s so important, especially now, in Trump Nation.

"We are the keepers of tradition and if those traditions don’t get passed on, we lose them." - Rediate Tekeste

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This episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA.