Fashion and Feminism with Gentle Riot Founder, Estefany Arias

Brown Girls Rising is a partnership with Nylon Espanol to elevate the conversation of feminist action, leadership, community involvement, and culture

"At the beginning of 2017, I decided I’m going to start living my life for me" - Estefany Arias

In this episode, we chat with Gentle Riot founder, Estefany Arias about women of color in fashion. In this interview, Estefany talks about being a feminist and a woman of color in a profession that isn’t always cognizant of her beliefs.

“Yes I’m a feminist, but the industry that I work in and that I love, fashion, isn’t always inclusive.”

Estefany also talks about learning about self care and how certain practices changed how she goes about her everyday

“I used to think self care was a nice long shower, but that’s just basic care. So what do you do to actually take care of yourself?”

Audrey talks about how her dog saved her from depression and growing up in Paramount.

"Sometimes I’m like am I woke enough? It’s always a process of continuing to grow" - Estefany Arias

This episode, Brown Girls Rising Episode 29, can be found at or on iTunes.

This episode was recorded in sunny Downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA.