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Tribe: How To Find Your People and Build a Movement

Victoria Reese 

Victor Group

Brittany Dixon

Curl Talks

Flavia Sparacino

Sensing Places

Monica Fernandez



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How to Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Hustle

              Kacie Anderson                 Kacie Anderson PR

             Kacie Anderson 

         Kacie Anderson PR

                   Natalie James                            NJinLA

                  Natalie James    


             Ramona Ortega              My Money My Future  

             Ramona Ortega

        My Money My Future  

             Chrystina Woody                Media Consultant     

            Chrystina Woody

         Media Consultant



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How To Scale Your Audience With Branded Partnerships

Dyan Dolfi-Offutt

Soda Pop PR 

Tam Vo


Sarah Boyd

Simply Stylist 

Lizzy Okoro

BUNCH Magazine 


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How to Master the Art of Unpaid Promotion

Chelsea Sonksen


Jennifer Berson

Jeneration PR 

Joanna Waterfall 

Yellow Conference 

Jaclyn Giuliano


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How to Turn Your Connections into Money

Jennie Yoon


Brittany Pierce

Rhythm Abroad

Alex Michael May



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How to Build a Brand With a Cult Following

Ashley Torres

The Pursuit of Shoes

Jen Hacker

Jam Meets Toast

Claire Marshall


Claire Collins-Maysh

Gleam Futures


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How to Navigate the World of Investors

Angel Anderson


Jennie Wong



Adirana Herrera


Laura Azzalina

Calabasas Capital


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How to Build a Biz That's an Extension of Your Personality

Jaclyn Johnson

Create Cultivate

Natalia Durazo

Honey B Gold

Natasha Case


Amy Roiland

FashionTap App


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How to Bootstrap Without Going Broke

Lindsey Heisser


Renee Cohen

Northwester Mutual

Jaclyn Mullen


Erin Rivera

Hunter & Fox


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